Mountain bike mega gallery - Interbike 2013

New suspension, enduro gear, carbon wheelsets and 650b (27.5in) bikes

We’ve been to a lot of product launches this year, and attended our fair share of trade shows too. Even after the Taipei Cycle Show,Sea Otter Classic and Eurobike, there were still new bicycles and components to be found at Interbike.

As we walked through the halls of this year’s trade show, there were a few trends that were immediately apparent. Here are some of the new mountain bikes and gear that caught our eye. Be sure to click through the massive gallery on the right for a complete rundown of the latest mountain bikes and accessories from Interbike 2013.

New suspension companies stepping it up

In recent years X-Fusion forks have gained a reputation for packing a lot of bang per buck. The company is expanding its range with the introduction of the RV1 HLR DH and the upside-down Revel HLR.

The Revel HLR was certainly hard to miss, decked out in anodized gold with inverted stanchions

White Brothers has rebranded itself with the name of its parent company, MRP. According to a company spokesperson, the MRP name has better brand recognition with trail riders and enduro racers – two types of riders the company hopes to attract with its updated suspension products.

In addition to launching the new Stage fork, MRP also split its LOOP suspension fork into cross-country and trail lines. The LOOP SL gets lighter, while losing some of the wide range of travel adjustment its predecessor was known for.

MRP recently acquired the mountain bike division of Elka suspension and plans to introduce coil and air shocks

Enduro everywhere…

The buzzword of the year could be found on suspension forks, helmets, wheels, shoes, body armor and even handlebar grips.

Not into this rapidly growing format? Don't tune it out, as there are benefits you can reap even if you never zip-tie a number plate to the front of your bike.

The development of minimalist knee an elbow pads, designed with mobility and comfort in mind, will appeal to many riders, even those who never race an enduro. Similarly, shoes such as Giro’s new Terraduro stand to benefit recreational mountain bikers as much as hardcore enduro racers.

The Terraduro shoe was one of our Best in Show winners

Light and fat

Fat bikes were everywhere at this year’s show. We rounded them up here, but there were still a few surprises to be found. Both NoTubes and HED have developed fat bike rims. NoTubes prototype carbon fat bike rim is light and, of course, tubeless ready.

HED is an unlikely entrant into the fat bike market — its carbon rim incorporates much of the company’s expertise in carbon, if not aerodynamics...

And 650b (27.5in) wheels march on

Predictably, 650b wheels continue to replace 26in wheels on everything from long-travel trail bikes to cross-country hardtails. Several product managers predicted that 26in wheels would be relegated to entry-level models and dirt jump/park bikes by Interbike 2014.

The Juliana Juno is one of a growing number of women's mountain bikes decked out in 650b (27.5in) wheels

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