New SR Suntour Auron enduro fork - Sea Otter 2013

Plus 27.5-inch compatible Epicon, too

SR Suntour showed off two key new products at the 2013 Sea Otter Classic: the brand-new 160mm-travel Auron fork for the burgeoning enduro market plus a new Epicon trail fork variant for use with 27.5-inch wheels.

SR Suntour builds the Auron with stout 34mm-diameter aluminum upper tubes mated to a forged aluminum crown and cast magnesium lower legs. The air-sprung fork will be offered in fixed (140, 150, or 160mm travel) or adjustable (140-160mm) travel, both with three cartridge damper options.

The top-end RC2 offers independent high- and low-speed compression damping plus rebound damping adjustments while the RC makes do with a fixed high-speed setting. For courses that are more pedaling intensive there's the LO/RC that adds a remote handlebar lockout lever.

The new Q-Loc 2 system features a locking collet that won't hang up inside butted axles

SR Suntour has also added slotted bushings (the slots allow lubricating oil to circulate more freely) plus lower-friction wiper seals for smoother operation while the updated Q-Loc2 15mm thru-axle system now uses a locking collet setup so that it won't get stuck inside internally machined axles.

All of the Auron models will be available for 26-in, 27.5-in, or 29-in wheel sizes, each with its own dedicated casting. Claimed weight ranges from 1,980-2,180g depending on model and pricing is still to be determined. SR Suntour says the Auron will hopefully be available by summer.

SR Suntour's more trail-oriented Epicon remains mostly unchanged for this year and still features up to 150mm of air-sprung travel, 32mm aluminum stanchions, magnesium lower legs, and several damper options. The Epicon does gain the same updated Q-Loc 2 system as on the upcoming Auron, though, plus a new 27.5-in compatible variant with dedicated lower legs.

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