O’Neal protective gear - Eurobike 2012

AMX knee pads and gloves, Orbiter Fidlock helmet and Minnaar exclusives

O’Neal are expanding their range for 2013, with a big focus on the ever-expanding all mountain market. Here are some of the highlights of the new line, shown to BikeRadar at Eurobike.

AMX Zipper knee pad

If you couldn’t guess, with the AMX Zipper knee pad you use a zip to open and close the shield securely around your leg. Velcro straps can be used to adjust fit once the pads are in place. The zip makes it easy to whip the pads on or off without the need to remove your shoes.

Protection-wise, SAS-TEC’s SC-1 foam padding takes care of handling the hits but avoids being overly cumbersome. It lends itself perfectly to those looking to spend lengthy stints in the saddle. At the rear, the breathable Lycra mesh should help handle heat build-up.

AMX glove

Sitting nicely alongside the AMX Zipper knee pad is the AMX glove. The thin mesh backing aims to keep things comfortable and cool while the thin palm provides plenty of feel and control on the bar.

Keeping these gloves as up to date as possible, O’Neal have used silver threads at the end of the forefinger to enable the use of touchscreen phones with the gloves on.

To further bolster comfort, the AMX glove has a stretchy, cuffless entry, adding to the minimal feel and weight.

Orbiter Fidlock helmet

Another product aimed at freeride/all mountain riders is the Orbiter Fidlock helmet.

The low-cut rear of the lid adds the crucial protection needed when you’re pushing hard. The generous venting should help keep things cool while the micro-adjust dial at the rear allows for simple one-handed adjustments.

What’s nice to see, though, is the inclusion of the Fidlock closure. This is a simple magnetic system enabling you to fasten the helmet strap with only one hand.

The Orbiter Fidlock looks set to hit the shelves priced at £69.99.

The Fidlock’s low-cut rear and micro-adjust dial

Greg Minnaar Signature knee pads

It hasn’t been too long since Greg signed on the dotted line with O’Neal, and we think it’s a great move on their part to make the most of his knowledge and experience.

Greg wanted a lighter version of the Sinner, and so the Signature pad was born. Using SC-1 padding from SAS-TEC, this lighter version offers better breathability and remains one of the most protective pads on the market, standards-wise.

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