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By BikeRadar | Saturday, January 1, 2011 10.00am

With the Tour de France here now, Future are giving you the chance to win a whopping £1000 bike from Cycle Surgery in our 90 Second Agency Time Trial.

Thank you for taking part in the BikeRadar 90 sec Agency Time Trial.  

Cycling is one of the UK's fastest growing sports and BikeRadar continues to serve this growing community with news, reviews and tips.  BikeRadar has over 593,000 UK unique users per month, which demonstrates the popularity of this sport in the UK.

Good luck and keep your eye on the scores!

The very best male and female cyclist from across all the competing agencies will each win a £1000 bike from Cycle Surgery. The winner will be announced on 12 July 2011.

Men’s Leaderboard

Name Media Agency Distance (m)
Jason Dealey Mindshare 1298
Jonathan Keane Zenith 1257
Seb Young Zenith 1234
Anthony Goddard Zenith 1203
Rob Fever OMD 1203
Richard Sheridan Mindshare 1198
Richard Vincent Zenith 1194
Carl Read MEC 1194
David Walsh Mediacom 1190
Luke Carmichael Mindshare 1189
Simon Arber PHD 1184
Alex Jeffries MCHI 1181
Will Jellicoe PHD 1175
Phil Nash Mediacom 1175
Liam Pook Starcom 1170
Scott Taylor Mindshare 1169
John Geddes Zenith 1167
Trevor Moody Starcom 1167
Mike Topnall Starcom 1158
Dan Fullerton PHD 1158
Don Larotonda Mindshare 1158
Jacob Knox-Hooke MEC 1157
Rob Crilley MCHI 1155
Matthew Merrett OMD 1154
Tom Skinner Mediacom 1151
Ben Dalton MCHI 1148
Luke Bozeat Mediacom 1146
James Thomas Mediacom 1144
JamesThompson Zenith 1143
Jon goldsmith Mediacom 1143
Mark White Mediacom 1143
Ivan Lazarov Mediacom 1139
Liam Dawson Mediacom 1136
Danny Baker PHD 1134
Emile Bielski MEC 1134
James Williams PHD 1133
Andrew Wynd OMD 1132
Nick Territt PHD 1131
Phil Price Starcom 1130
Chris Beckman Mediacom 1130
Stuart Sullivan-Martin MEC 1130
Wesley Hause PHD 1128
Ross Minton OMD 1127
Mark Griffin Starcom 1125
David Enright PHD 1120
Chris Pyatt MEC 1120
Sandy Mair Mediacom 1116
Carsten Tomkins PHD 1113
Jack Gallie Mediacom 1111
Duncan Welling MCHI 1109
Matt Upton Starcom 1106
Tom Eclard Mindshare 1106
Dan Colberg Mindshare 1102
Dan Brown Mediacom 1100
Scott Rolling Mediacom 1098
Asher Gordon MEC 1095
Adam Smith Zenith 1092
Mark Hall Starcom 1092
Chris Potter MCHI 1091
Ben Bale Mediacom 1090
Paul Gilbert MEC 1090
Ollie Hill OMD 1089
Bradley Hill OMD 1088
Michael Thomas MCHI 1086
Tom Ockenden Mindshare 1085
Andy Bells MCHI 1082
Thane Ryland MEC 1081
Demi Abiola PHD 1079
Chris Ware MCHI 1077
Peter Fyfe Mediacom 1076
Chris Swan PHD 1075
Graham Kelham Mindshare 1075
Tom Planer Mediacom 1074
Geoff Smith MEC 1073
Callum Collus Mindshare 1072
Ioannis Koutrakos Zenith 1063
Tom Ellard Mindshare 1061
Sam Crocker OMD 1057
Daniel Brant MEC 1055
Matt Johnson MEC 1041
Josh Harrison Mindshare 1040
Mark Bulling Mindshare 1032
Matt Attwell OMD 1023
Peter McGareth Mindshare 1021
Tom Parnell OMD 1020
Peter Anthony PHD 1012
Asher Moses Mediacom 1008
Nikhil Patel Mediacom 1005
Scott Abbott Zenith 998
Darren Michaels Starcom 982
Mike Black Zenith 972
Glenn Murray MEC 968
Dave Flowerdew Mediacom 965
Will Bonaddio OMD 945
Sami Tabibi Zenith 933
Jay Laval Mindshare 915

Women’s Leaderboard

Name Media Agency Distance (m)
Lucy Catchpole Mindshare 1099
Emma Martin Zenith 1051
Hannah Biscombe Mindshare 1049
Sarah Sutton Mindshare 1040
Leonie Dawkins Mediacom 1029
Flora Spencer Mediacom 1023
Alexis Wengraf Starcom 1019
Hatty Wetzki Zenith 1011
Jo Cronk PHD 1011
Lucy Bowditch OMD 1009
Emma Johanson PHD 1004
Polly Bowden Mindshare 1003
George Woodcock PHD 984
Eve Harrod Zenith 977
Tove Okunniwa MEC 973
Anne Claire Paton Zenith 972
Michelle Sarpony Mediacom 971
Dina Mohammad MEC 964
Sophie Dufouleur PHD 961
Zoe Madden MCHI 955
Sammy Bolton MEC 946
Annabel Hodges OMD 942
Alice Rutherford Mediacom 937
Una Carney Mediacom 932
Renu Plahe MCHI 917
Rebecca Ludbrook MCHI 914
Hannah Shaw Mediacom 900
Grace Lloyd Zenith 895
Charlie Heller Mediacom 895
Alexlina Knight MEC 888
Lauren Cooper Mindshare 871
Lucy Adams OMD 869
Ejiro Ogboru Mindshare 858
Gabriela Raeines Zenith 855
Debbian Carney Mediacom 838
Paida Fundira MEC 835

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