Animal Relentless Bike Tour and dirt jump round-up

Stunts and jumps from BikeRadar Live

The Animal Relentless Bike Tour returned to BikeRadar Live this year to wow the crowds once again with their innovative mix of two-wheeled stunts using a range of mobile ramps and obstacles.

Guest riders Clinton Johns and Sam Pilgrim joined team manager Martyn Ashton to throw down some epic moves in front of a busy and trick-hungry crowd.

While Ashton showed off his trials riding skills, Pilgrim and Johns brought their dirt jump riding experience to the arena and pulled backflips, whips and more.

Highlights included the BMT (Beam of Mental Turmoil) – a thin beam, 12ft off the ground which Martyn rides along and on which he dislocated his shoulder during last year's shows.

The Animal Relentless Shot Stick Bunny Hop – a jump over a row of energy shot bottles – was another crowd-pleaser. You can watch a video of it here:

We are having trouble displaying this video

Sam Pilgrim sealed the win at this year's Mountain Biking UK Dirt Jump Invitational at BikeRadar Live with a stunning final run, and here are the picture highlights from the event:

Clinton johns: clinton johns

Clinton Johns

Adam williams:

Adam Williams

Adam williams:

Adam Williams

Chris smith:

Chris Smith

Clinton johns:

Clinton Johns

Peran clemence:

Peran Clemence

Adam williams (left) followed by ryan nangle:

Sam Reynolds (left) and Ryan Nangle

Adam williams:

Adam Williams

Sam pilgrim:

Sam Pilgrim

Clinton johns on the animal relentless bike tour:

Clinton Johns at the Animal Relentless Bike Tour

Martyn ashton:

Martyn Ashton backflips

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