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By Matthew Cole | Sunday, November 4, 2007 12.00am

As part of the ongoing development of the site, we've introduced Really Simple Syndication (RSS). Wherever you see the RSS symbol on the site, you'll be able to subscribe to the feed so that you never miss out on the fresh content that we're constantly adding to the site.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. By subscribing to an RSS feed you can easily see what new content has been added to the site without having to visit the site itself.

This saves you time, and also ensures that you never miss new content from

How to subscribe

You can subscribe to our RSS feeds through the Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 browsers

In Internet Explorer 7, click on the feed icon and you'll be taken to a page of links from that feed. Near the top, you'll see a link that says 'Subscribe to this feed'.

Clicking that link brings up a dialogue box that allows you to rename the feed and choose where in your favourites it's stored. Then to see feeds, click on the orange-yellow 'Favourites' star under in the tab bar. You can also simply drag and drop the feed icon into your bookmarks toolbar.

Firefox handles feeds with its 'live bookmarks' feature, because feeds provide live, constantly changing information. Clicking on a feed symbol brings up the live bookmarks dialog. Make any changes you desire and then hit 'Ok' and the feed will generate a drop-down menu in your bookmarks toolbar.

Feeds on steroids: RSS aggregators

You can also view an RSS feed using an RSS feed aggregator - which allows you to view one, or multiple RSS feeds. If you need help sourcing an RSS feed aggregator see below.

Sourcing an RSS feed aggregator

There are many different RSS feed aggregators. Some of them are pieces of software, available for both PCs and Macs. Other web-based aggregators can be accessed online. Here is a list of the most popular options.

Newz Crawler


Google Reader
My Yahoo!
Microsoft Live

Subscribing to an RSS feed
Click on the link of the RSS feed. This will take you to a page of XML code for the feed. Simply copy the URL of this page from the address bar in your browser. Then go to your aggregator (see above) and paste it in the relevant place. See the documentation for your aggregator for precise instructions on how to subscribe to the feed you have chosen.

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