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Bluetooth Smart HR strap pairs with smartphones

While ANT+ is the primary wireless standard for cycling computers, Bluetooth is the common currency for smartphones. Now, with many cyclists using their phones as computers on the bike, Biologic has introduced a Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap.

BioLogic's heart rate strap works on Bluetooth Smart

Joining the likes of Wahoo Fitness and Polar, BioLogic has a 51g strap that works with any smartphone that uses Bluetooth Smart, including the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and other Android models. (Editor's note: As a reader pointed out, the iPhone 4 does not have Bluetooth Smart, as this article originally stated. We apologize for the mistake.)

With the strap, you can add heart-rate data to a number of cycling apps like Strava. In related news, the new Stages power meter recently became the first to bring power data to smartphones via Bluetooth Smart. (Stages works on ANT+ as well.)

While most wireless cycling computers and power meters use ANT+, smartphones use Bluetooth. Paired with a Stages power meter, an iPhone and an app, the BioLogic Bluetooth Heart Rate strap can make for some robust training data in your jersey pocket

The BioLogic strap has an MSRP of US$69/€69 and is available on the company's website now.

Battery life is a claimed 200 hours on the included CR 2032, which is a common and inexpensive battery.

The soft, adjustable strap uses flexible electrodes for what should be a comfortable fit, but the center unit itself is slightly taller than a standard ANT+ heart rate model.

The BioLogic unit compared to two ANT+ heart rate models

The BioLogic strap comes with a one-year warranty.

Note that ANT+ power meters and heart rate straps can be made to work with some smartphones with an ANT+ dongle, like this Wahoo Key for the iPhone 4.

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