British Cycling creates new training team for Bikeability

By BikeRadar | Thursday, May 8, 2008 12.19am

British Cycling is creating a new cycle training team in the first step to meeting the Department for Transport and Cycling England target to provide Bikeability cycle training to half a million young people by 2012.

The new team is part of British Cycling’s existing coaching and education department and follows the Department for Transport’s £140 million cycle funding announcement in January.

Oli Lougheed has joined British Cycling as cycle training manager to head up the new team and British Cycling is currently also recruiting a cycle training officer, with details available on the British Cycling website.

“This is an exciting opportunity for British Cycling to build on the successful Go-Ride training schemes," said British Cycling chief executive Peter King.

“British Cycling is delighted to be able to be able to contribute to the objectives of Cycling England," he added. "This project is an important link in the chain of services we can offer to the cycling world in general and to our members in particular.”

Bikeability is Cycling Proficiency for the 21st century and is designed to give young people the skills and confidence to cycle on today’s busy roads. Comprising of three different levels, Level 1 teaches basic skills, Level 2 gives young people the skills to ride on quiet roads and Level 3 teaches the skills required to safely negotiate major roads and junctions. This will enable young people to make local trips, such as riding to school, both safely and conveniently. In addition, it is expected to encourage more young people to join local clubs, get involved in cycle sport and may even nurture future champions.

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British Cycling’s new cycle training team will work closely with the newly expanded Go-Ride development team to maximize the range of opportunities British Cycling can offer young people.

Bikeability courses are being produced to fit in with British Cycling’s existing Go-Ride coaching programme. This will result in a Go-Ride Bikeability course for young people, with pilot schemes expected to launch from March 2009.

Over the next nine months, British Cycling will also be developing a cycle trainer education course, which is aimed at coaches that have already reached British Cycling’s Level 2 coaching standard, to meet the National Standard for Cycle Training. Completing the course will qualify coaches to deliver the forthcoming Go-Ride Bikeability course in schools, clubs or even to their colleagues, family and friends.

The Bikeability cycle training project complements the work already being done to encourage leisure and commuter cyclists to get more from their cycling through British Cycling’s Everyday Cycling leisure membership.

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