Cardo BK-1 Bluetooth radio - First look

Helmet mounted communication system

Cardo Systems, known for their wireless Bluetooth communication systems for motorcycle helmets, offer a new model called the cardo BK-1, a communication and entertainment system designed cyclists.

The BK-1 incorporates similar design and construction to cardo’s scala rider line of motorcycle headsets. The BK-1 offers voice-activated, two-way, or three-way rider communication with a 1,600ft range. The cardo BK-1 also offers hands-free use of Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, MP3 players, and GPS devices.

Cardo say the waterproof receiver and microphone work with virtually any bicycle helmet. The system uses a noise-cancelling microphone, and hovering speakers that avoid ear contact to allow for better spatial awareness. Riders can use the system to enjoy Bluetooth-enabled entertainment or navigation devices on the go, and can make, receive, or decline mobile phone calls via voice command or the touch of a button.

The BK-1 provides up to seven hours of talk time on a rechargeable battery that requires three hours to fully charge. It comes with a multi-functional USB jack to accommodate software upgrades, as well as a universal travel charger.

The BK-1 is said to fit on most helmets, and allows communication between three riders

The BK-1 is available, now, at select distributors, retail outlets and specialty shops for US$269.95 ( €229.95, £TBD ) for the single unit, or $469.95 ( €399.95, £TBD ) for the double.

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