Designer invents stem and post with 30mm of adjustment

Patent-pending reach adjustment system

Swiss bike designer Andy Muff has developed a new length-adjustable stem and layback-adjustable seatpost under the name ISA (Integrated Size Adjustment).

He claims his patent-pending system will let you adjust the seat position and reach of any bicycle without having to change parts.

By flipping an insert in the seatpost head by 180 degrees you can move the saddle forwards or backwards by 25mm, in addition to the movement allowed by the seat's rails. This effectively means you have a layback and inline post in one.

A similar system in the stem enables you to move the handlebars 30mm backwards or forwards.

Mr Muff, a former elite racing cyclist and owner of bike company C2 Concept Cycle, will launch the products at next month's Eurobike show. He is in negotiation with possible licencees and manufacturing partners.

The obvious drawback with these products is that 30mm is quite a big change in reach; smaller increments would be more useful. However, the system could presumably be adapted to provide a 10mm or 20mm variation.

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