Eurobike 2011: Cinelli reintroduces the Laser

Iconic bike returns to production

One of the most outrageous machines at this year's Eurobike show wasn't some hyper-aero time trial bike, ultralight German carbon creation, or the latest whiz-bang full-suspension machine but rather a redux of one of the most iconic bikes in road cycling – the Cinelli Laser – to go along with the company's other new offerings for the season.

Impressively, Cinelli will not only recreate the look of those original Lasers with their characteristic shaped head tubes and bottom bracket areas and fillet brazed construction but the company will even reassemble the team of people responsible for the original series: designer Antonio Colombo, builder Andrea Pesenti (meaning yes, they'll be hand built in Italy), and engineer Paolo Erzegovesi along with a few other "new faces" to help get things done.

Cinelli will update the materials with the recreated version, however, with a Columbus Spirit tubeset boasting tube walls as thin as 0.38mm.  Unlike the original, the new version will also use a threadless headset and the old box-type fork crown will be a more sculpted form this time around.  One thing that will absolutely remain constant, however, is that classic light metallic blue paint.

Cinelli showed the laser nostro with this more modern cockpit.: cinelli showed the laser nostro with this more modern cockpit.
Cinelli showed the laser nostro with this more modern cockpit.: cinelli showed the laser nostro with this more modern cockpit.

A more modern cockpit for the Cinelli Laser

Interested buyers will have to come to the table promptly and with lots of cash in hand, though.  Cinelli will make just 21 replicas – of which nearly all were already spoken for at Eurobike – and the asking price is a substantial €7,500 for just the frame and fork. 

Cinelli will offer the Laser Nostra frame kit in 13 sizes from 49-61cm, all with 120mm rear hub spacing and English-threaded bottom bracket shells.  Custom sizing will be available, too. 

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