Fabien Barel partnering with downhill coach

By BikeRadar | Friday, March 27, 2009 7.28pm

French downhill racer Fabien Barel is a multiple world champion, and his fastidious preparation and attention to detail in training is due in part to working with his long-time coach Jean-Baptiste Wiroth. 

Now the 2004 and 2005 downhill world champion is looking to share that expertise with his Subaru MTB Pro Racing Team teammates Damien Spagnolo and Florent Payet.

"Jean-Baptiste has been an amazing support in the past years, and I believe that our experience will strongly help Florent and Damien to increase their racing performance,” Barel said.

Barel has worked with Wiroth since 1999, and together they developed a training process specifically designed for mountain bikers through Wiroth's WTS/The Coaching Company that the duo hopes can translate to better results for the Subaru team in 2009.

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Wiroth founded WTS in 2002, based on a model similar to Lance Armstrong coach Chris Carmichael's Carmichael Training Systems.

According to Wiroth, the three Subaru MTB Pro Racing riders’ training regimen and testing will be more specific to downhill racing in order to prepare efficiently the most important races, the UCI World Cup series and World Championships.

“Fabien, Damien and Florent are all great athletes, and we are proud and very happy to work with them on training, nutrition, and mental preparation," Wiroth said. "With some luck, they will achieve great results this year regarding the important amount of work done at this time.”

For more information, visit www.wts.fr and www.subaru-mtb.com.

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