First look: New lights from RSP

'Innovative, functional and great value'

RSP are launching a new range of lights this autumn, and they say they'll be innovative, functional and great value for money. Here's a look at some of the key models.

Asteri 6

The Asteri 6 set consists of twin 3W compact LED head units which put out up to 400 lumens. They are powered by a compact and lightweight Li-ion battery unit (2x18650). The pack includes handlebar/stem/helmet mounting brackets plus a smart charger. RRP is £149.99.

Asteri 3

This 3W compact front light should be ideal for commuting with its integrated Li-ion rechargeable battery and output of up to 200 lumens. RRP is £69.99.

Asteri 2

The Asteri 2 has twin 1W compact LED head units which supply up to 150 lumens. They are powered by a compact battery pack (4x1300mAh). The set includes handlebar/stem/helmet mounting brackets plus a smart charger. RRP is £109.99.

Night Burst

This compact five-LED front light has constant and flashing modes, and is designed to be visible from the side. Fully waterproof construction makes it ideal for the UK. RRP is £21.99.


The Urban is an eight-LED rear light. Four of the LEDs are rear-facing, with two on the left and two on the right to make sure you're seen from the side. RRP is £24.99.


This carrier-mounted rear light combines a central 0.5W LED with two angled peripheral LEDs. RRP is £19.99.


The Astrum houses a 0.5W LED in a compact and lightweight case designed to fit neatly on your seatpost. RRP is £25.99.


This five-LED light has a 270-degree arc of visibility and is powered by an integrated Li-ion battery. It comes with a USB cable so you can charge it from your computer.

City Bright

This set combines 0.5W front and rear LEDs. The rear light contains two additional super-bright LEDs for extra visibility. RRP is £29.99.


The tiny Elliptical is available in front and rear versions. Powered by ECR2032 disc batteries, it can be mounted in various positions on your bike, arms or helmet. The light contains four LEDs, with a claimed output of 20,000MCD. RRP is £19.99.

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