Glacier Glove range – first look

By Robin Wilmott | Thursday, January 31, 2013 3.00pm

At Core Bike, UK distributor 2Pure were debuting a range of mitts from Glacier Glove, an American company with plenty of ways to keep your hands warm while cycling.

First up were the £44.99 Premium Cyclocross gloves. With stretchy, perforated neoprene palms reinforced with grippy leather, and a fleece-lined neoprene back they feel thin enough to offer good dexterity while giving decent weather protection.

The Perfect Curve gloves are made from 2mm G-Tek, fleece-lined neoprene, and have pre-shaped fingers for a better on-bike fit. They're blind stitched and glued, making them feel seam-free. Long cuffs and a wrist strap will prevent draughts, and they retail at £44.99 (US$44.99). 

The Super G Waterproof gloves are £49.99 and consist of nylon-lined G-Tek neoprene that’s under 2mm thick and surface treated with a patent-pending coating to be more durable. They have extended cuffs, the fit is very close, and warmth and dexterity seem impressive.

Topping the range are the Premium Waterproof Cycling Gloves, at £54.99 (US$59.99). These are made of 2mm G-Tek neoprene, are blind stitched and glued with a fleece lining. They also have ergonomically shaped fingers and a neoprene flap wrist closure.

The premium waterproof gloves offer the benefits of the perfect curve and super g, for total protection:

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