iPhone app works like black box for cyclists

Software records video and captures speed, location and g-force

A new iPhone app has been released that works like an aeroplane 'black box' in the event of a crash, storing video footage of the collision and recording important data.

The iCar Black Box app from 21pixel, which costs just £0.69, constantly monitors speed, location and g-force. It films on a loop, but only records in the event of an impact. While marketed for motorists, we reckon it would also work as a bar-mounted bike accessory.

A promotional video – which you can view at the bottom of this article – says the software "will recognise the difference between bad road conditions and an actual collision". In the event of a heavy impact, it can be programmed to prompt a one-touch emergency call or to automatically send details of the accident location to an emergency contact. 

The software constantly monitors data but saves footage only in the event of a collision

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