Just in: Giro Reverb helmet and Full Windsor mudguards

The latest commuting products to hit our desk

Giro have tried to echo the design of their early '90s Air Attack lid with their new retro Reverb commuting helmet. Their UK distributors Madison claim it's an "anti-helmet for all those that set the trends and know that true style isn't always looking forwards, but rather sometimes back".  

Its key feature is a removable fabric peak that attaches neatly inside the brim of the helmet with Velcro pads, with spares available in a huge range of colours for £4.99. The lid weighs 271g (medium), has nine vents and an outer shell that wraps all the way round and inside the helmet. It costs £49.99 and comes in 11 colourways including black/red, matt black and the yellow/orange we came across at Madison's iceBike show this summer.

Giro reverb commuter helmet: giro reverb commuter helmet

The removable peak on the Reverb removes the bulk of a full cap while still keeping the sun from your eyes and sweat from your face

Full Windsor mudguards

A couple of folding mudguards are the first products to emerge from new London-based bike accessories design firm Full Windsor, whose aim is to design creative, functional products ideal for your average city commuter. Their flagship FoldnFix mudguard (£13.49) doesn’t require tools to fit to the frame. All you do is fit it over your rear wheel and use cable ties to secure it to the seatstays and seat tube.

Full windsor foldnfix mudguard : full windsor foldnfix mudguard

Full Windsor FoldnFix mudguard

Don't want to have to fiddle around with cable ties? The QuickFix mudguard (£14.99) uses press-studs instead, allowing for easy removal, storage and cleaning. Both models come in black/blue/red/silver/white/yellow and include vinyl stickers to protect your frame. Visit Full Windsor's website for more details.

Full windsor quickfix mudguard: full windsor quickfix mudguard

Full Windsor QuickFix mudguard

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