Kona Mash-Up 2009 results and report

By BikeRadar | Wednesday, June 17, 2009 8.30am

Over 400 riders entered the second Kona Mash-Up at the superb trails of the Glyncorrwg Mountain Bike Centre at the weekend, and with a format of 6 different timed sections, and chill-outs between each run it made for a relaxed and festival-like event.

Using the Whites Level and July Trail (beginning and end of the Skyline trail) to create two courses, the Whites level course was used by the technical category who had the chance to session the run which included the Black section as well as exchange tactics at the event village at the top of Windy Point (top of the climb).

Endurance riders had more distance to cover and were also timed on a climb rather than just the singletrack and downhill sections. 

The incredible weather conditions mixed with the quality of the riding available along with the lively evening party made for a great day of racing.

The Technical and Enduro category saw lots of leading riders take part, in particular Rob Cooksley from Bad Ass Bikes and Rosa Martin who repeated last year’s success. British downhill rider Tracy Moseley also raced, taking the win in the women's technical category.

The next Kona Mash-Up event takes place on 5th December 2009 at the Glyncorrwg Mountain Bike Centre, Afan Forrest.

Endurance Category 


  • 1st Rosa Martin in 32:02 min 
  • 2nd Fran Mundy (Torq) in 32:22 min 
  • 3rd Gayle Philips in 34:20 min 
  • 4th Su Leeming in 35:11 min 
  • 5th Marcelle Mackay in 36:38 min 


  • 1st Rob Cooksley (Bad Ass Bikes) in 22:33 min 
  • 2nd Al Fairbairn (Hargroves Cycles) in 23:45 min 
  • 3rd Ryan Bevis (Bad Ass Bikes) in 23:45 min 
  • 4th Ben Simmons (Wiggle) in 24:30 min 
  • 5th Aidan Bishop (Rapidracerproducts) in 24:38 min 

Technical Category OVER ALL 

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  • 1st Tracy Moseley (Trek) in 11:10 min 
  • 2nd Manon Carpenter in 12:38 min 
  • 3rd Rachel Vicary (Cheltenham County) in 12:59 min 
  • 4th Emily Horridge in 13:02 min 
  • 5th Ellie Maxfield in 13:07 min 


  • 1st Crawford Carrick-Anderson (CCA-Signs.co.uk) in 10:34 min 
  • 2nd Tristan Turnstall in 10:46 min 
  • 3rd Chris Griffiths in 10:47 min 
  • 4th Chris Buchan in 10:48 min 
  • 5th Andrew Titley (Kona / Sombrio) in 10:51 min

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