KRK Protection body armour - First look

New pads and gloves from Poland

Poland seems to be one of the latest hotbeds of mountain biking, with companies like NS Bikes leading the charge and riders such as Godziek Szymon doing well in this year's FMB World Tour. KRK Protection come from the same dirt jump scene and, as their name suggests, make body armour.

A big box of KRK kit has just landed on our desks courtesy of new UK brand manager Peter Fordham, who says the company specialise in "high quality products for prices that won't affect your wallet". Here's a quick first look...

First up are the Marou knee pads. Thin enough to wear under jeans, they still offer plenty of protection, with EVA foam padding on the front and sides, and wide Velcro straps to hold the Neoprene sleeve in place. Available in sizes M or L, they cost £26 a pair. Elbow versions, called Skull, are available for £16.

KRK marou knee pads: krk marou knee pads

The Marous can be used in conjunction with the Asfalt shin guards to provide full leg coverage. Here protection is provided by a 3mm PVC panel in addition to the 4mm thick perforated Neoprene also found on the Marous. A bit of muscle power is needed to mould the Asfalts to the shape of your shins, but they'll make pedal pin strikes a thing of the past. RRP is £19.

KRK marou knee pads and asfalt shin pads: krk marou knee pads and asfalt shin pads

Still worried about damaging your precious pins? Enter the Whip angle pads. As with the knee pads, these use Neoprene and EVA for protection, in this case, apparently, "against single and double whips". RRP is £13.

KRK whip ankle pads: krk whip ankle pads

Finally, there are the Sticky gloves, available in three designs (green/orange/black & white) for £17 a pair. They're cuffless, with a thin palm and absolutely no padding, which means they should be ideal for anyone who normally hates wearing gloves while riding but wants a little protection.

KRK sticky gloves: krk sticky gloves

For more details about KRK Protection, visit Look out for reviews of some of this kit on BikeRadar soon.

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