Landis: I want to prove my innocence

Sunday, August 6, 2006 11.00pm
Floyd Landis appears on breakfast television with wife Amber and tells viewers he has never taken pe


Floyd Landis appeared on national TV in the United States on Monday morning and vowed to clear his name of any wrongdoing in the wake of his positive test for testosterone. Interviewed on ABC's Good Morning America, Landis stated: "I have a new goal, to prove myself innocent."

Landis asserted he has never used any performance-enhancing drug, but added: "I can't explain these test results because I don't know exactly how this anomaly has occurred. I have come out in the press and tried to explain this from the beginning. I was forced into that situation because of leaks and announcements by the UCI themselves, against their own rules, by the way.

"And this has caused some problems for me. All of these reasons that have come up, some of them from me, some of them from other people attributed to me, we need to try to forget about that and let the experts figure out what's going on."

Landis then went on to explain the various theories that had been given on his behalf for his positive testosterone result. "Number one, the whisky idea was not mine from the beginning. And the dehydration was a theory from the lawyers, which I must say I hired in Spain to represent me at the opening of the B sample but was not authorised by me to say something like that. I'm disappointed with that. And something has to be done about that."

Speaking later to CBS, and asked if he will race again and clear his name, he replied: "If I had to choose between the two, clearing my name is the most important one."

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