Latest bike bling from Lezyne and Purely Custom

Tools, pumps and alloy accessories introduced at Sea Otter

Purely Custom and Lezyne offer an array of accessories to bling out your ride and keep it running smoothly, and they both had new kit on show at this year’s Sea Otter Classic.

Lezyne were previewing three new pumps and a new daily use multi-tool, all of which build upon existing products, while Purely Custom were particularly proud of their new grey camouflage anodised finish.


For frequent travellers, Lezyne have built a compact track pump called the Travel Floor Drive. This is designed to lie flat in a bike case or bag but offer all the features of a normal floor pump once your destination is reached. Made of alloy with a 160psi capacity, it features a gauge, textured foot peg and Lezyne’s Thread Chuck valve, and costs US$100.

The Travel Floor Drive puts all of Lezyne's floor pump features in a portable package.

The Dirt Floor Drive is a new high volume pump made specifically for mountain bikers’ garages. The pump only has a 70psi capacity but it pushes 30 percent more air than a standard Floor Drive, which reduces the number of strokes needed to fill a high-volume mountain bike tyre and helps seat tubeless rubber.

All of the pump’s components are oversized so it's easily usable with gloves. Lezyne plan to offer three models of the Dirt Floor Drive: a steel version, which will cost $60-65, an alloy version for $80-85 and a CNC-machined version for $100-110.

The new Dirt Floor Drive pushes 30 percent more air per stroke than the Alloy Floor Drive

Lezyne’s new CFH line of mini-pumps has a flex hose that functions as a C02 cartridge cracker. The pumps are offered in three models that mirror the Road Drive (160psi capacity), Pressure Drive (120psi) and Alloy Mountain Drive (90psi), and all can be used with threaded C02 cartridges.

A basic cracker nozzle is built into the pumps’ flexible hoses. It is threaded down to puncture the cartridge, then slowly opened to meter out the compressed gas into the tyre. Prices for the CFH line have not been set yet.

Lezyne's CFH pumps can fill tyres with C02 or the old fashion way with a little elbow grease

The latest tool to come out of Lezyne is the Blox 23, a multi-tool that the brand tout as large enough to use everyday but light enough for the seriously prepared mechanic to stuff in their hydration pack. The long bits help prevent skinned knuckles and make it easier to use.

The Blox 23 features classic Lezyne finishing touches including alloy side plates and hardened steel bits. It offers 23 tools, including 2.5-8mm Allen keys, T25 and 30 Torx drivers, a chain tool, tyre lever and bottle opener. It will cost roughly $30.

The Blox 23 offers 23 tools in a package that should stand up to regular use

Purely Custom

Aluminium machining specialists Purely Custom got their start in the bicycle industry roughly a decade ago with custom anodised and etched headset caps. Now they've expanded into areas including bar end plugs (road and mountain), bashguards, headset spacers and ODI-compatible locking grip collars.

And of course, all these products are available with your choice of colours and etched graphics. Shops have long embraced the idea as a way to promote their businesses but individuals can also treat themselves to a bit of personalisation as there are no minimum quantities. Purely Custom's latest colour scheme is grey camouflage, and despite initial appearances it's anodised rather than painted for long-lasting durability.

Though it looks like paint, the grey camo anodised finish promises to last much longer

Purely Custom can apply their new camo scheme to a wide range of gear

Mountain bike bashguards are offered in multiple sizes, patterns and colours – plus custom

Road bar end plugs are offered in several different shapes and materials

Mountain bike bar end plugs can be custom etched, as can the matching grip locking collars

Headset spacers in both anodised aluminium and carbon fibre can be decorated to your liking

No need to say more

Purely Custom's Spinner valve caps match a machined alloy base with a freely rotating 'flag'

Purely Custom's brake stud plugs can be decorated with your favourite valve caps

Items are easily ordered directly on the Purely Custom web site and most orders ship within seven business days or so.

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