MBUK vs The Megavalanche, part 1

The boys make it to Alpe d'Huez and have their first run down the course

Jamer, Ric and Rob from Mountain Biking UK magazine are on their way to the craziest race of their lives – the Megavalanche. Ric reports back on their progress so far…

Thursday July 7, 9am

As I type this, we've had to drop down to 30mph on the motorway due to torrential rain. A minute or so ago there was a massive smash as if a lorry had ploughed into the central reservation. Turns out it was just the world's biggest thunderclap...

So, Noah-worrying weather aside, how are we getting on? We made the 3.20am ferry, found four sofas and got a whopping hour-and-a-half's sleep each. Since then, it's been drive-time club as we steam towards Lyon then on to Alpe d'Huez.

We saw where that bad prat Hitler was launching his rockets from earlier but other than that it's been dual carriageways flanked by massive fields and that's about it. Jamer's notoriously small bladder is holding up manfully and we've yet to see ANY motorway talent. More when we get there...

Friday July 8, 9am

Well, after 16-odd hours of travelling we finally got to Alpe d'Huez and with time ticking on the lifts being open, we made a mad dash for the bikes. We managed to squeeze in a whopping one run for practice. Having been sat down for the best part of a day and not really eaten anything other than biscuits we weren't in great shape.

The big thing is the length of the run (and this was only the qualifier track). Your forearms feel like wood and it's so easy to make a silly mistake just because you're tired. The mass start bit is also disconcerting.

My rear brake mysteriously emptied itself of fluid at the end of the run too, so it was all hands to the pumps last night to get a replacement cut to length and swapped in there. There are clear skies for qualifying today, and it’s all systems go. Check out our Twitter/Facebook pages and blog to find out how we get on…

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