NAHBS 2013: Gaulzetti Cicli

Massachusetts company expands for 2013

Gaulzetti Cicli made its name with aggressive, TIG-welded aluminum road racing bikes but the Massachusetts company is now expanding to steel and 'cross for 2013.

The new Cabrón disc-equipped cyclocross machine is highly similar to Gaulzetti's bread-and-butter Corsa road racer, using the same TIG-welded Dedacciai tubeset and the company's now-trademark integrated seatpost plus a 44mm-diameter head tube, PF30 bottom bracket shell, and new semi-hooded dropouts that are all machined in-house. As on the Corsa, Gaulzetti says the Cabrón's ride is on the firm side but in his opinion, its purpose-built intentions as a race bike means someone should only be riding it for about an hour at a time, anyway.

Retail price for the frameset is identical to the Corsa: US$2,999 including an Enve Composites fork.

Gaulzetti has also expanded into steel frames, however, for those seeking a smoother ride. The new Cazzo is TIG-welded with Columbus PegoRichie and features geometry alterations similar to what we frequently see at Paris-Roubaix: a slightly longer wheelbase, a slacker head tube angle, and a lower bottom bracket, all of which is intended to tone down the reflexes in addition to the road feel. Gaulzetti also builds the Cazzo with a straight 1 1/8" front end instead of a tapered one.

Retail price is US$2,899 with an Enve Composites fork.

The aluminum Corsa is Gaulzetti's bread-and-butter machine

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