NAHBS: Gates Carbon Drive

Gates and White Industries develop new Centertrack CDX Freewheel

Gates Carbon Drive has collaborated with the folks at White Industries on a new singlespeed freewheel designed for use on standard thread-on hubs. Available in just a 22T size, the new Centertrack-compatible CDX Freewheel will sell for US$275 when it becomes available this March.

US$275 is certainly a lot of money to pay for a freewheel but Gates and White Industries have at least presented what looks to be a very high-quality part. The three-pawl driver features 36 engagement points for a relatively speedy 10-degree action, the body is machined from a hard and durable 8620 nickel-chromoly steel alloy, and the Enduro-made bearing portion is impressively free of slop and equipped with rubber seals.

Moreover, it's easily rebuildable and Gates and White Industries will offer replacement small parts, too.

Further out on the horizon is a machined Centertrack belt-compatible cog for use on Shimano's new Alfine Di2 electronic internally geared rear hub. This is currently in development and there are no details as of yet on pricing or availability.

Currently in development is a Gates Centertrack-compatible cog for use on Shimano's new Alfine Di2 hub.

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