New folding electric bike from e-scooter experts

Vectrix designers set their sights on the world of powered bicycles

In two-wheeled circles Robrady Design are perhaps best known for their work on the Vectrix range of electric scooters and superbikes, and now they've turned their attention to electric bikes.

They've teamed up with Taiwanese manufacturers DK City to produce the the db0, a folding model which they're touting as "the future of electric bikes".

While it looks funky, the drive system seems fairly standard on paper – a 250w hub motor powered by a 24v lithium-ion battery, with the system being kicked into life by a torque pedal sensor.

The frame looks unusual because the bike hinges and in two, and a clever touch is the use of the handlebars to act as a stand for the folded bike. Robrady say it is constructed using "advanced injection technology with aluminium alloy material for rugged, lightweight design" and both the fork and rear end are single-sided.

The prototype was widely praised in the design world in 2009, picking up a Spark Award and a Universal Design Award for Mobility. The db0 will initially be available in Taiwan at a price of  US$1,887 (approx £1,250). Robrady haven't released details of further distribution or the weight of the bike.


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