New multi-function tandem rolled out across UK

Circe’s debut offering carries loads, kids and is sporty to boot

Circe Cycles' new Helios range gives the tantalising possibility of tandem riding, child carrying and load transporting – all with the same bike.

Founded by Richard Loke, one of the brains behind Airnimal folding bikes, the Cambridge-based company have based their debut design on a 20in wheeled tandem but with the rear of the bike easily and quickly adaptable to take a variety of loads.

With accessories including heavy-duty racks, child seat adapters and crank shorteners, any of the models can be converted for the myriad uses inherent in the design.

These include touring with two adults and panniers, tandem rides with a child stoker, removing the rear saddle and using the Helios as a cargo bike, and even fitting two child seats to make it perfect for the school run.

Starting with the £919 Duo model, the six Helios tandems extend to the top-of-the-range Rohloff hub gear equipped Aurora at £2,149. The accent throughout is on combining the extra carrying capacity with high quality build and components, and great riding performance. For more details, visit


  • Helios Duo: General-purpose bike specced for versatility. Claimed weight 16kg/35lb.
  • Helios Brut: Ideal for those doing a lot of child and freight carrying. Comes with rack conversion and features Shimano's Alfine hub. 17kg/37.4lb.
  • Helios Omnis: Similar to Duo but with Shimano Alfine hub gear.
  • Helios Omnis+: Greater gear range and stronger wheels make for a tandem aimed at mountain tourers.
  • Helios Auster: Drop bar bike designed for fast Audax or sports riding, and as an "excellent lightweight tourer".14kg.
  • Helios Aurora: Top-end model with Rolhoff hub gear.
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