Nike glasses to help you see traffic from behind

Will they make roads a safer place for cyclists?

An American designer has produced a pair of concept riding glasses which aim to let riders see traffic approaching from behind.

The Nike Hindsight uses Fresnel lenses – technology originally developed for lighthouses - to extend the wearer’s field of vision by 25º on each side.

Peripheral vision is distorted in the process, but according to Billy May, the Hindsight’s designer, “as the eye detects only motion in that area, little clarity is lost in the process” .

This means the glasses, if ever put into production, shouldn’t distract the wearer.

The glasses, if ever put into production, would probably be useful at busy intersections and junctions like this

So, what are your thoughts? Are these going to make the roads safer? Would you ride on your commute with more confidence? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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