Oli Opens Fort Bill

Friday, May 16, 2003 11.00pm
A big climb, a big downhill, do me!
SCOTT/MBUK's Oli Beckinsale was bouncing back from Fort William in the back of a van when MBUK.com called. He'd had first ride of the World Cup Cross Country Course and he seemed well made up.

"It was the press opening, and some of it was still being built so I can't say I rode the whole thing, but I liked what I saw."

What's it like?

"Hard but very good. It's made for proper mountain biking, it scares you a lot and you have to use all the gears, none of this road racing around in the big ring. It's mostly man made by people who understand mountain biking. I'm impressed.

"It'll be six laps of a five mile course, with a big uphill and a big downhill - it'll do me."

Haven't seen you for a bit, where've you been?"

I've been road racing in France. Everything's geared around Fort William for me right now. And it'll be alright."

The SCOTT/MBUK Team's going well.

"Yes, they're a good bunch. I'd have appreciated a few firsts but we had four podiums from six riders at the first National Race. It's a good start."

We'd appreciate a first at Fort Bill Oli.

"It'll be good."

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