Prologo 2012 saddles - First look

New Scratch X20 TR downhill saddle; tweaks elsewhere

For 2012 the whole Prologo range has undergone both technical and cosmetic changes. There are also two new mountain bike saddles: the Scratch X20 TR and X10.

The Scratch X20 TR is aimed at all-mountain/downhill riders and has been developed in conjunction with the Scott11 World Cup team. The nose is broad and deeply padded, and the arrowhead top design and side sipes have a grippy texture. The padding is all Prologo’s own multi-density EV2 gel and is tuned to offer more comfort where you need it.

The X20 will be complemented by a cross-country version named the Scratch X10. The digits included in the names of these two saddles indicate the approximate amount of suspension travel they're designed to be used with – 20cm/8in and 10cm/4in respectively.

The new Scratch X20TR, aimed at gravity riders, was developed with help from the Scott11 downhill squad

The range-topping Scratch Nack combines a stiff and light carbon fibre hull with a bonded-in section of woven Kevlar that moulds to your backside, improving comfort. It’s a very expensive design to produce, meaning a retail price of £249.99. Prologo wanted to emulate the innovative design, without the price penalty. This has led to the development of the EV2 multi-density padding and machined bases found throughout the 2012 range.

Prologo's multi-density padding is complemented on the Nago Evo Plus+ by a central relief channel. The sides of the channel are super-soft to avoid creating a ridge

The new padding alters in density throughout the saddle shape. There's deeper, softer foam where you sit, with thinner, denser padding where comfort isn't so much of an issue. This is combined with a hull that’s machined out to offer flex where it's needed. The padding has been tuned using feedback from a multitude of pro teams, both off road and on.

The triathlon-specific Prologo Nago EvoTri40 has a more pronounced nose than the standard Nago to add comfort when riding up on the front of the saddle

With most saddles being predominantly white for 2011, Prologo have bucked this trend for 2012, with a muted colour palette and a new matt black covering. The surface treatment on the covering has a supremely tactile, almost velvet-like feel. Gloss black highlights are used for the logos and thickened gloss sections for the bump strips on the sides.

Prologo's Scratch Pro Plus+ is available in a new all-black colourway or in this bling white finish. It features the same comfort channel as the Nago Evo Plus+

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