Racing Weight Cookbook released

New offering from publishers of Allen Lim's popular cookbooks

VeloPress, publisher of many cycling books and two cookbooks from Allen Lim, just released the Racing Weight Cookbook, which is designed for athletes conscious of balancing good food with good performance. The book is divided into three sections based on ability level — in the kitchen, not on the bike.

Racing Weight Cookbook has more than 100 recipes accompanied by beautiful photography. The book is the third in the Racing Weight Series by Matt Fitzgerald, who is joined for the cookbook by dietician Georgie Fear. It is available now online, in bookstores, and in bike, tri, and running shops.

You can preview the book and some of the recipes at

In addition to the recipes, Fitzgerald spells out his formula for how cyclists and other endurance athletes can determine their ideal racing weight.

Matt Fitzgerald is a certified sports nutritionist, the author of many books on endurance sports and nutrition, and a featured coach on and Georgie Fear, RD, is a personal trainer, registered dietitian and author of two cookbooks: Fuel Up and Dig In.

The 240-page book is set at $24.95 in the US and £16.95 in the UK.

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