Tracy Goes For It

Monday, November 24, 2003 12.00am
She had the 2003 World Championship in her grasp but felt it slip away at the last moment and Tracey Moseley is making sure that never happens again
Tracy Moseley has already started serious training for the 2004 season which doesn't start for four months. At the moment she's in Wales riding Cross Country with Helen Gaskell and co, on their annual girls-run-over-sheep-in-the-dark outing.

"I'm really focusing on it this season, I'm going to give it a real go for once in my career."

You seemed pretty focused last year.

"I was, but I had no one to answer to, no one to make sure I prepared properly. This year I've hooked up with Carmichael Training Systems to ensure I'm 100 per cent at every race all season."

Did you feel a lack of fitness at the end of this season?

"I felt tired, with all the travelling across the Atlantic and so on and I had problems with motivation towards the end".

You must have felt gutted at missing out on the Championship.

"Frustrated more than anything. Something that was within my reach was suddenly out of my reach. At the top level races are won and lost mentally and I just didn't have that mental toughness towards the end of the season".

So you'll not be racing in the American series next season by the sound of it.

"No. It was exhausting. Besides they've changed the rules and there is no prize money, which is important now. I shall focus on Europe and the Worlds. The Maxxis cup is well organised, has good prizes and it's close to home.

"I'll be training in New Zealand in January and February, then back in March to give it my best shot."

Got your deal sorted?

"It looks as though it will all go through in the next couple of weeks."

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