Trek 2010: Bigger, better, more from Bontrager

Components, clothing, shoes and accessories

Trek's everything-other-than-bikes division, Bontrager, is best known for its range of road and mountain wheels but the company has showed off an impressive collection of other components, clothing, shoes and accessories for 2010. See the thumbnails on the right for more images and information.

Good fits and high-tech fabrics plus more Bontrager shoe models

Some of the biggest changes for Bontrager's 2010 soft goods division come in women's apparel. We've been pleasantly surprised with the existing RXL kit's perfectly snug cut and comfortable inverted inForm chamois design and now women will get their own version, complete with a specific chamois and more flattering cuts and colours. By request, the women's Race shorts will also now come with a shorter 6in inseam option.

On the more casual end, Bontrager add a new Cadence line of women's clothing with more versatile styles that can be used out on the road but also in the gym.  Shorts feature a flattering 'yoga-style' wide waistband plus a minimal Cadence WSD chamois.

Off-road, Bontrager will continue on with Rhythm Comp and Rhythm-level apparel sets for both men and women. 2010 will bring a major price reduction in the men's Rhythm Comp from US$169.99 down to a far more reasonable US$119.99 thanks to the elimination of the included removable liner – which Bontrager say most high-end riders ditch in favour of their preferred bibs anyway.

Bontrager's Rhythm kit will suit women who shred

Winter will bring new Race Thermal and Race Lite Windfront tights, both of which boast silky Italian fabrics and comfy fuzzy interiors to help retain warmth. As the name suggests, the Windfront model adds wind-resistant panels along the front surfaces but retains more breathable materials elsewhere for better ventilation. 

In addition, Bontrager will introduce a new range of UV-protective accessories called SunStop. Though the collection will only include arm warmers and skull caps for now, both will feature built-in UPF 40+ protection that won't wash out or degrade over time.

Much of the footwear line carries over for 2010 but just as with the apparel, women now get their own versions of Bontrager's RXL models for road, mountain and even triathlon plus a more casual Cadence model that can be used with or without two-bolt cleats. 

Existing Bontrager shoe owners will be happy to hear that aftermarket upgrade kits for the included eSoles eFit footbeds are finally available from Trek retailers. 

Women are now treated to RXL-level shoes for triathlon, mountain and road for 2010

Colourful eco-friendly bags

Bontrager's newest collection of panniers and messenger bags is built using recycled inner tubes and old event banners in an effort to minimise use of virgin materials. As a side benefit, each bag is also highly water resistant and looks slightly different depending on what fabrics were available at the time. 

Along those same lines, Bontrager's Seat Pack Pro will include optional models built using leftover fabrics from other companies' bags and apparel production.  Colours and textures will be somewhat random as a result, but this keeps much of the material from ending up in a landfill.

2010 will see a host of other new bag models too, including no fewer than nine rack-top truck bags, a collection of polyurethane-coated waterproof bags plus messenger-style carriers and even laptop sleeves. All rack-mounted bags will feature Bontrager's tool-free Interchange attachment system for easy installation and removal.

Bontrager's new range of panniers is built with recycled inner tubes and old event banners

Tools for (almost) every occasion

In keeping with Bontrager's 'something for everything' philosophy, even the range of tools will expand for 2010. A new Chaintool features a built-in tray to hold onto one side of the chain during pin installation, a two-side driver pin for double the useful lifespan, and a magnetic pocket to store spare links.

The Rollbar collection of mini-tools is revamped, too, with three models (8, 12, 18) to suit the task at hand. The top-end Rollbar 18 includes all the usual suspects plus other handy bits like a disc brake pad spreader, chain tool and a built-in tyre lever, plus storage for a spare chain link and pin. 

To complement last year's introduction of the Gary Fisher Roscoe, shop mechanics may also want to grab the new Bontrager bearing press sized for that model's pivot bearings.

The Rollbar mini-tool includes some handy extra bits

Minor tweaks to wheel range

When it comes to wheels, not much has changed on the off-road side (apart from tubeless rim strips and valve stems now being included), with cross-country and all-mountain Rhythm models carried over for 2010.

Mountain bikers get nine new tyre tread patterns including the ultra-fast rolling XR0 and G1 models, the new freeride-specific FR3 and three 29er-specific tyres.

Roadies get a new Race X Lite Aero TT tyre, with built-up sidewalls to smooth the transition between tyre and rim for a claimed six-second time saving over a 10km time trial and additional Hard-Case variants in other models for riders who require more durability for training.

Bontrager's new Race X Lite Aero TT tyre

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