Video: Animal Relentless Bike Tour at BikeRadar Live

By BikeRadar | Saturday, June 6, 2009 7.48am

One of the many highlights at this year’s BikeRadar Live was the Animal Relentless Bike Tour – a stunt show featuring some of the best trials riders, dirt jumpers and freeriders in the UK.

As well as the Tour’s core members – trials legend Martyn Ashton and young dirt jump star Sam Pilgrim – there were many guest riders including The Clan’s Danny MacAskill and American Santa Cruz Syndicate rider Jamie Goldman.

Ashton said: “I got some chances to try and learn some new stuff from Sam [Pilgrim]. I’ve been trying to learn flairs (180 backflips) for years and after seeing Sam pull them so easily this weekend I thought I’d have a go.

“The first effort was close and then the second was a nasty landing that left me feeling pretty banged up.

“But you know what, it felt good to be trying something new and getting close. Only weeks ago I wasn’t sure I’d be doing bunnyhops, let alone trying flairs! That change in fortune has come from being so inspired by Sam and Danny.”

Watch the video now:

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A round-up article detailing the best bits from BikeRadar Live is on the website here.

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