Video: Tacx Genius and Vortex trainers at Eurobike 2011

By Warren Rossiter in Friedrichshafen, Germany | Tuesday, September 6, 2011 7.00am

Tacx were showing off two of their latest trainers at Eurobike – the Vortex, which is a wireless turbo with a computer display, and the Genius, which is a full-on virtual reality machine. You can find out more about them in the video below.

The company also had a neat little lighting system called Lumos. These units replace the bar end plugs on your road bike and contain two forward-facing LEDs per side – one white for visibility and the second yellow so it can be used as an indicator.

Each unit also has two rear LEDs – one red and constant, and a second for indicating. The lights are operated by a button on top of each unit and powered by a single AA battery per side. They can be fitted easily with a single Allen key.

Tacx's new lumos lights fit into the ends of a drop handlebar:

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You can watch Bikeradar's video about the Tacx Genius and Vortex trainers below:

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