What Mountain Bike Dirt Crits: Crawforth tops podium

Fast-paced racing at BikeRadar Live

Specialized UK's Jody Crawforth powered to the elite win in the What Mountain Bike Dirt Crit Champs powered by Rose Bikes yesterday, capitalising after two of the race's early leaders punctured.

Crawforth built up such a strong lead on the tight, loose 1km course at BikeRadar Live after first Paul Oldham (Hope) and then Oli Beckinsale (Giant) flatted that it looked like he had the 12-lap race in the bag. And so it proved.

He eventually crossed the line in 00:37:52. Nick Craig (Scott) came home second, 41 seconds behind, and third place went to Whyte Bikes' Billy Whenman (although a timing mixup meant Rourke Croeser took his place on the podium), another 50 seconds back.

Nick craig finished second: nick craig finished second

Cross-country veteran Nick Craig, 41, proved he can still cut it with the young guns

Billy whenman took the third spot on the podium: billy whenman took the third spot on the podium

Whyte's Billy Whenman fought hard for third place

"It was hot and dusty, and quite hard work," said Crawforth. "The course was a bit tighter than I was expecting. It's tough when you're going at full race pace; because the climbs are really loose, you can't really put the power down.

"I was comfortable for the first few laps and Paul was in the lead and he punctured. Oli's a really fast rider but I was determined to hang in there and then he punctured too, and that gifted me the victory. I had a bit of luck come my way this time."

Oli beck: oli beck

A puncture ruined Oli Beckinsale's race, but he picked up £100 for being the lap 4 leader

Conspicuous among the 25-strong elite field was multiple BMX, four-cross and dual slalom world champion Brian Lopes, riding his Ibis Tranny four-cross bike on flat pedals and in baggy shorts. After a strong start he finished eighth.

Also in the mix was BikeRadar product tester Guy Kesteven, proving that he has the bike handling skills and fitness to back up his writing prowess. He finished a creditable 15th on his Santa Cruz Tallboy test bike – watch out for a review on BikeRadar soon!

Brian lopes proved he's not just quick downhill: brian lopes proved he's not just quick downhill

Brian Lopes proved he can cut it at cross-country, finishing eighth in the elites

BikeRadar product tester guy kesteven came a creditable 15th: bikeradar product tester guy kesteven came a creditable 15th

BikeRadar's Guy Kesteven finished a creditable 15th

The elite women's race saw a battle for first place between ­ Lily Mathews (100% Me) ­ and Cait Elliot (WXC Racing) after early leader Annie Last (100% me) punctured, with the former eventually claiming victory. Third place went to ­ Maddie Horton (Team Certini).

Of course, it wasn't just the elites who were racing in the Dirt Crit Champs – there were categories for riders aged eight and upwards and there was plenty of cross-country action going on in the What Mountain Bike Hot Laps too. There'll be a full report on all the cross-country racing at BikeRadar Live in issue 113 of What Mountain Bike magazine.

Women's podium:

Women's podium (L-R): Cait Elliot, Lily Mathews and Maddie Horton

Perhaps the biggest winner on the day was Andy Bishop, who won a £1,500 bike from race sponsors Rose after his race number was pulled out of a hat. "When my mate told me I'd won a bike I thought he was winding me up," he said. "I'd had a really good day and that put the icing on the cake."

Rose's Andy Mayne, who handed out £3,000 worth of prizes in total, said: "What a race! Great weather and great riders hammering away on a super-fast spectator-friendly course! Being a family run company ourselves, it was brilliant to see so many parents and children taking part, never mind the number of elite riders who turned up. Rose were really pleased to support the inaugural What Mountain Bike Dirt Crit Champs and it's certainly something we'd like to continue to support."

Andy Bishop won a £1,500 bike from Andy Mayne of Rose Bikes


Unfortunately, some errors have cropped up in the results of the cross-country racing. If you spot any mistakes, please let us know at bikeradar@bikeradar.com.

What Mountain Bike Dirt Crit Champs powered by Rose Bikes

PositionRace #NameChip TimeLaps
Pro elite men
15Jody Crawforth00:37:5212
21Nick Craig00:38:3312
311Billy Whenman00:39:2312
423Andy Blair00:39:4312
516Paul Robertson00:40:0812
66Ben Thomas00:40:3812
79Chris Andrews00:40:4812
829Brian Lopes00:41:0512
93Oli Beckingsale00:36:4211
1018Paul Beales00:38:1711
117Anthony O'Boyle00:38:2711
1212Sion O'Boyle00:38:3511
1317Christian Aucote00:38:5011
1427Paul Lasenby00:40:0211
1539Guy Kesteven00:40:4511
168John Whittington00:41:2211
1721Euan Adams00:43:3711
1722Steven James00:28:118
1810Rourke Croeser00:35:287
194Paul Oldham00:11:143
Pro elite women 
132Lily Matthews00:53:1011
238Cait Elliot00:38:4010
333Maddie Horton00:39:1510
430Annie Last00:40:1310
5312Melanie Spath00:38:027
Veteran men (40+)
158P Saunders00:28:387
264C Palozzi00:29:227
370A Dewhurst00:29:407
473Tim Marsh00:30:387
574Mark Cutler00:31:177
660R Nord00:31:347
762RC Payne00:32:197
869AS Glynn00:28:186
955D Koryczan00:28:266
1071R Ketteridge00:28:496
1168RJG Hughes00:29:186
1259C Mason00:32:546
1366I Pulsford00:31:035
1461A Hand00:19:573
1667RK Goodwin00:06:451
Veteran women (40+)
181Emma Cutler00:28:476
Sport men (18+)
1138J Horton00:29:548
2137Nick Popham00:30:218
3108BD Lewthwaite00:32:008
4125RS Matthews00:33:098
5109DE Pointer00:33:248
6128A Bishop00:33:338
7130A Bishop00:30:357
8124A Hodges00:30:377
9132L Meader00:31:027
10135G Billingham00:31:417
11118N Dent00:31:527
12126R S Matthews00:31:577
13150Tim Davies00:32:067
14104P Ploughman00:32:097
15144B Parker00:32:137
16127RS Matthews00:32:107
17146Robin Howett00:32:257
18115RJ Haworth00:32:507
19102C Bunnell00:33:147
20145Scott Walklate00:34:107
21119Gareth Wooffitt00:34:067
22129A Bishop00:30:156
23101R Cochrane00:30:596
24114V Sparkes00:31:206
25131PG Mitchell00:31:206
26117Iain Richens00:32:376
27110M Bell00:32:076
28113V Sparkes00:34:276
29107RJ Hebbron00:30:035
30103G Spreadbury00:14:063
31111GG Mills00:11:222
32139F Clifford00:04:201
33136G Deardon00:05:231
34112RG Munn00:05:331
35106Chris Elliott00:05:471
36134DJ Forrest00:06:151
Sport women (18+)
1148Magali Jimenez00:30:567
2142EL Birtles00:31:397
3149Sarah Taylor00:30:156
4141Di Fry00:33:045
Sport men (15-17)
1153Dan Barford00:31:578
2176Ae Pearce00:31:596
3152I Pulsford00:31:195
4267J Wesley00:32:295
12-14 Boys
1232William Chaeny00:14:114
2205Chris McGovern00:14:554
3229Chris Barker00:15:304
12-14 Girls
1226L Mander00:16:264
2231S Middleton00:17:594
10-11 Boys
1282Toby Martin00:08:073
2258R Mitchie00:08:233
3271James Hughes00:08:253
10-11 Girls
1303Lisa Driver00:09:473
2305Mary Hand00:11:543
3306Caitlin Moore00:12:473
8-9 Boys
1283Nathan Martin00:08:433
2286Callum Rhead00:09:383
3280Tyler Pace00:09:383
8-9 Girls
1259Megan Panton00:10:292

What Mountain Bike Hot Laps

1401BD LewthwaiteM03:20.10
2436Nick PophamM03:20.20
3415MJ FisherM03:22.20
4420J HortonM03:28.75
5475A CarterM03:33.00
6432M HortonF03:43.35
7434T ArnoldM03:50.50
8435M BakerM03:51.75
9422N ReedM03:53.70
10481S BusseyF03:55.00
11480A MooreF03:55.00
12453T StrangeM03:55.00
13417L MeaderM03:55.20
14425A BurdM03:58.75
15421J CooperM03:58.75
16471A WillsM03:59.00
17473M BebbingtonM04:01.00
18467R NordM04:01.00
19450Jannik SundoM04:02.05
20469N MageeM04:03.00
21423N PriorM04:03.75
22474Kyle WindsorM04:12.00
23414T StrangeM04:14.55
24410P WenlockM04:18.45
25449Arthur MartinM04:20.60
26402RG MunnM04:22.40
27478SA CarterF04:26.00
28418Guy BillinghamM04:26.90
29411M BeastallM04:27.70
30416PG MitchellM04:34.75
31404AM KokicM04:39.15
32465D PryceM04:49.00
33472A KearM04:50.00
34424P Boyd-LeslieM04:58.40
35409P WenlockM05:14.15
36451A ArmstrongM05:36.00
37433BD CollinsF06:30.75
38457M Sw TinayM06:43.00
39405K SmithM06:46.35
40464D PassifulM07:34.00

Team darenth had a strong showing in the junior categories and walked away with a spot prize of a pair of wheels as well as numerous podium places:

Team Darenth had a strong showing in the junior categories and walked away with a spot prize of a pair of wheels as well as numerous podium places

CW has been riding mountain bikes for more than two decades now. He's the first to admit he's not the fittest or most skilful rider on the hill, but that doesn't stop him sweating up the climbs to have a blast on the downhills.
  • Discipline: MTB, commuting
  • Preferred Terrain: Big mountains and flowing singletrack
  • Current Bikes: Whyte T-129 S SCR, Stanton Sherpa 853, Pinnacle Dolomite 6
  • Dream Bike: Evil The Following
  • Beer of Choice: Theakston Old Peculier
  • Location: Bristol, UK

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