Winners of the International Bike Design Competition announced

Thumb-operated hydraulic brake, rear light that projects on rider's back and more

A thumb-operated hydraulic brake system, a rear light which projects onto the rider’s back to maximise visibility and a bamboo transporter bike for isolated communities were among 10 prize-winning design concepts celebrated at the International Bike Design Competition on Tuesday.

€16,000 (about £13,700) was up for grabs from student designers from all over the world in the 17th edition of the awards, held on the opening day of the Taipei International Cycle Show.

The panel of judges gathered from the top design companies and high echelons of the bike industry reviewed nearly 400 entries from 45 countries.  

Entries were judged on a range of factors including innovation, design quality, material choice and social responsibility.

The top five winners each collected more than £2,000 each in prize money. In no particular order they were:  

Martina Zbinden from FHNW IID, Switzerland

The Penta Brake System does not require a lot of force making it easier to modulate braking power. The low-maintenance brake is serviced over the handlebars and the stem, whereby the entire top piece can be removed.

Marco Giarrana, University of Design and Art, Basle, Switzerland

The ubqo sixty60 eliminates the only real weak points of pivot designs: it replaces the two small linkages, exposed to extremely high loads, with large ex-centers, better able to  cope with the loads better for extra durability and stability.

Kuang-Chung Hao, Yi-Ching Lin and Yen-Liang Chen, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan

The Glow Rider is mounted on the rear fender; it acts as a high-powered taillight. At a flick of the switch, it can also project a bright beam of light onto the rider's back. This creates a larger lit surface area, making the rider more visible in the rain or dark.

Thomas Breun, Hochschule Coburg, Integrated Product Design, Germany

ERON combines a conventional bicycle disk brake with a bicycle lighting system. While riding, magnets fitted into the brake disks produce electrical energy in induction coils arranged beside the brake calipers to operate the lights. The front lights are integrated into the brake handles, while the taillight can be attached to the rear brake caliper

Sara Urasini, Free University of Bozen, Italy

BamGoo is a transporter designed for emerging countries where the bike is the most important means of getting about. It is a very simple structure made of the natural materials that are easy to find and easy to work with. It consists of twelve containers positioned symmetrically so that it can be used as a stall at market.

Five additional winners also received prize money for their designs and the judges commended a further 12 entries. One designer, Balazs Filczer from Hungary is currently crowdsourcing funds to take the Dora – a helmet with integrated lights and indicators - closer to production.

All award winners are featured on the IBDC website:

Sam Dansie
Author: Sam Dansie

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