Tour de France stage 20 preview

The podium is decided

In recent seasons, the yellow jersey has still been up for grabs going into the final time trial. If that's the case again, this course could prove an inspired choice. anyone who's got some significant strength left in their legs will feature today. The rolling course, which includes the opening part of the climb to chamrousse, won't overly favour time trial specialists such as Fabian Cancellara, but will appeal to the likes of the Schleck brothers, who should be able to take some advantage of their prowess on the hills. The podium places will finally be settled today.

Details -

Distance: 42.5 km

Highest point: 593m

Category: Time-trial

Sylwester Szmyd says...

"If I'm honest, I don't even count it as a stage. My Tour's finished. My job is simply to stay inside the time cut. This won't be won by one of the GC guys – they'll have given too much. Actually, strike that. It’ll be won by Cancellara, of course it will!"

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