Stage 6: Chillagoe - Laura 137km

By Crocodile Trophy

Sunday, October 24, 2010 10.43am

Stage 6 neutralised after Weit Heuker's tragic death

The sixth stage of the Crocodile Trophy was called off after the death of one of the competitors, 59 year-old Dutcham Weit Huker.

At six o'clock this morning, the organisers and riders woke up to the tragic news that Heuker had passed away during the night of October 23-24. The 59-year-old suffered from cardiovascular and circulatory failure according to doctors who had been called immediately but could only diagnose his death.

"We learned this morning - unfortunately only now - that Weit Heuker already had suffered a cardiac arrest a few years ago and had been under medical care since then," said the head of the medical support team of the Crocodile Trophy Dr. Alexandra Reimann.

"Our deepest condolences go out to the family, friends and teammates," said event organiser Gerhard Schönbacher.

Today's stage was cancelled out of respect for the deceased rider. After a minute of silence together, the participants were guided in a neutral ride along the main road from Chillagoe to Mt Mulgrave, from where the stage race will continue tomorrow morning.


General classification after stage 6
1 Urs Huber (Swi) 18:31:23
2 Bart Brentjens (Ned) Trek Brentjens 0:04:24
3 Mike Mulkens (Bel) 0:32:52
4 Allan Oras (Est) Rietumu-Delfin 0:58:24
5 Cory Wallace (Can) 1:25:20
6 Taigh Banson (Aus) Fraser and Mountain 1:41:43
7 Christoph Tschellnig (Aut) morethanbike 1:55:57
8 Peter Van Mill (Ned) Jef Abels Bikes Gulpen 2:08:12
9 Matthijs Pot (Ned) Bike One Team Lapierre 2:11:36
10 Réne Haselbacher (Aut) McSabutage 2:23:55
1 Abby McLennan (Aus) Rattle N Hum 24:21:50
2 Lauretta Howarth (Aus) SheSpoke Cycle Wear 4:37:23
3 Nancy Caceres (Aus) 5:19:19
4 Lesley Sutton (Aus) 6:42:11
5 Sharman Parr (NZl) SheSpoke Cycle Wear 7:31:04
6 Maree Roberts (Aus) SheSpoke Cycle Wear 7:50:24
1 Christof Mariën (Bel) Crocteam Belgium1 20:40:11
2 Raf De Bakker (Bel) 0:01:34
3 Roli Zehnder (Swi) Swiss Bike Brothers 0:45:03
1 Jaan Kirsipuu (Est) Rietumu-Delfin 19:53:18
2 Indrek Kelk (Est) Rietumu-Delfin 0:36:49
3 Hans Mertens (Bel) Crocteam Belgium2 2:33:29
1 Hans Dielacher (Aus) 20:34:11
2 Roger Cull (Aus) Team Yeti-GU 0:55:44
3 Hans Post (Ned) Dutch Chicken 2:15:09
1 Klaus Sever (Aut) 30:54:29
2 Udo Huber (Aut) 4:09:44

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