MTB World Cup: Caroline Buchanan wins 4X

Home town victory for 17 year-old Australian

Local wonder-child Caroline Buchanan stormed to her first world cup victory in the women's four cross. The 17 year-old Australian, who hails from Canberra, took advantage of her intimate knowledge of the circuit to dominate first her semi-final and then the final.

"It feels like so much more than just another race on my home track. It feels amazing," an emotional Buchanan said. "The best riders in the world are here and this is only the second time that I have made a world cup final and to be on top of the podium at only 17 – I am stoked, it hasn't set in yet."

Buchanan used her explosive power to take the hole-shot and build up an early lead ahead of the Anneke Beerten.

"I knew that I had good starts and that it was going to be a hard race," Buchanan explained. "I was dead on the start and I knew that I had to get pumped for it. The crowd got me the rest of the way. "

With a clear run to the finish, it looked unlikely that Beerten would catch Buchanan, but with a late surge she almost drew level coming into the final turn. Showing class and composure beyond her years, Buchanan didn't let Beerten's surge ruffle her feathers as she blasted across the line, with the huge Canberra crowd going nuts at her win.

Receiving the congratulations of her competitors on the podium, it slowly sank in just what she had achieved. As the huge Australian crowed sang along with the national anthem Buchanan, draped in the Australian flag, bust into tears.

With her second place Beerten took over the world cup lead as they head to Schladming, Austria.

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