MTB World Cup: Alvarez de Lara Lu wins men's 4X

Easy win for world champ

Under threatening skies that didn't deliver any more rain on an already saturated course, World Champion Rafael Alvarez de Lara Lu made it look easy. Clad in his rainbow striped jersey, he won every round on his way to victory in the big final, and celebrated many of them by crossing the line doing a nose-wheelie. Romain Saladini (Team Sunn), Guido Tschugg and Cedric Gracia rounded out the top four.

"It was an easy race as I was first through each round," said Saladini through a translator after his final run. Saladini was all smiles after his race and he said he was not nervous for his first World Cup appearance since winning the World Championships just over one month ago. "I tried to race as if it was the same as any other race. It wasn't any different."

Behind Alvarez de Lara Lu was a chasing Romain Saladini (Team Sunn). The Frenchman was content after his race, his first back after breaking a finger at the Fort William round of the World Cup in early June. "It was smooth for me," said Frenchman Saladini. "I didn't see the crash."

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