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Sunday, August 21, 2011 8.36pm

Tracey Moseley seals World Cup overall

The 2011 Mountain Bike World Cup concluded on Sunday in Val di Sole, Italy, with the crowd favourite Downhill. Myriam Nicole (Riding Addiction Commencal) took her first ever World Cup victory, while Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing) held off a tight challenge from Floriane Pugin (Scott 11) to win the overall women's title.

The hot, dry conditions had turned the track into dust bowl, full of huge ruts and bumpy rooted sections that made it difficult for anyone to find a clean line. German champion Harriet Rucknagel set the first fast time for the women, which lasted through three riders before U.S. champion Jill Kintner knocked six and half seconds off, to take the time down to 4:17.872 .

Petra Bernhard (Alpine Commencal Austria) immediately took another six seconds off the leading time, with Junior World Cup leader Manon Carpenter (Madison Saracen) and Sabrina Jonnier (Maxxis-Rocky Mountain) shaving fractions off of her time. Emilie Siegenthaler (Scott 11) dropped the time below 4:10, with a time of 4:07.484, but Emmeline Ragot (Team GR) went down another five seconds.

Tracy Moseley was playing it safe, knowing that she only needed a top-seven to win the title, and not wanting to crash, slotted in behind Ragot. Rachel Atherton (Commencal), went third from last and took the lead below four minutes with a time of 3:54.405, however, Nicole came through right after, 2.2 seconds faster, which proved to be the winning run. Pugin, the fastest qualifier, and second in the world Cup standings, rode last, but finished eight-tenths of a second behind Nicole for second.

"I don't believe it," Nicole said after her run, "maybe I will realize tonight. I didn't have a clean run, but I was all out on this track. I did not want to crash on the top, it was real hard and my hands hurt already. Near the finish I was [saying] 'come on', and I did it."

Moseley agreed that she was nervous before her run, "I wanted to race hard for the win, but when I hit the first [technical] section, I realized that I needed to play it safe and not take any chances. This has been an incredible season, a dream season, coming towards the end of my career."

Moseley won the overall title with 1465 points and four individual victories in seven races. Pugin finished with 1390 points, one win and four seconds, followed by Atherton with 115 points, Nicole with 929 points and Jonnier with 889 points.

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1 Myriam Nicole (Fra) Riding Addiction Commencal 0:03:52.20
2 Floriane Pugin (Fra) Scott 11 0:00:00.81
3 Rachel Atherton (GBr) Commencal 0:00:02.17
4 Emmeline Ragot (Fra) Team Gr 0:00:10.62
5 Tracy Moseley (GBr) Trek World Racing 0:00:10.99
6 Emilie Siegenthaler (Swi) Scott 11 0:00:15.25
7 Sabrina Jonnier (Fra) Team Maxxis - Rocky Mountain 0:00:18.91
8 Manon Carpenter (GBr) Madison Saracen 0:00:19.01
9 Petra Bernhard (Aut) Alpine Commencal Austria 0:00:19.66
10 Jill Kintner (USA) 0:00:25.64
11 Harriet Rucknagel (Ger) 0:00:32.15
12 Jessica Stone (GBr) 0:00:32.41
13 Caroline Sax (Fra) Double Dragon El Gallo 0:00:34.06
14 Céline Gros (Fra) Team Morzine - Avoriaz / Haute - Savoie 0:00:34.14
15 Mio Suemasa (Jpn) 0:00:37.24
16 Alia Marcellini (Ita) Torpado Surfing Shop 0:00:38.53
17 Lea Fourton (Fra) Double Dragon El Gallo 0:00:39.41
18 Fionn Griffiths (GBr) Team Gr 0:00:43.37
19 Agnes Delest (Fra) 0:00:46.67
World Cup standings
1 Tracy Moseley (GBr) Trek World Racing 1465 pts
2 Floriane Pugin (Fra) Scott 11 1390
3 Rachel Atherton (GBr) Commencal 1115
4 Myriam Nicole (Fra) Riding Addiction Commencal 929
5 Sabrina Jonnier (Fra) Team Maxxis - Rocky Mountain 889
6 Emmeline Ragot (Fra) Team Gr 705
7 Emilie Siegenthaler (Swi) Scott 11 621
8 Petra Bernhard (Aut) Alpine Commencal Austria 552
9 Jill Kintner (USA) 412
10 Manon Carpenter (GBr) Madison Saracen 387
11 Fionn Griffiths (GBr) Team Gr 367
12 Céline Gros (Fra) Team Morzine - Avoriaz / Haute - Savoie 327
13 Micayla Gatto (Can) 235
14 Harriet Rucknagel (Ger) 224
15 Mio Suemasa (Jpn) 211
16 Miriam Ruchti (Swi) 210
17 Jessica Stone (GBr) 185
18 Jacqueline Harmony (USA) 165
19 Miranda Miller (Can) 105
20 Morgane Charre (Fra) Passion Velo Thiers Stemtee 85
21 Anita Ager-Wick (Nor) 80
22 Zarja Cernilogar (Slo) 45
23 Caroline Sax (Fra) Double Dragon El Gallo 40
24 Agnes Delest (Fra) 40
25 Fanny Lombard (Fra) 35
26 Joanne Muoser (Swi) Sc - Intense 30
27 Alia Marcellini (Ita) Torpado Surfing Shop 25
28 Rika Olivier (RSA) 25
29 Lea Fourton (Fra) Double Dragon El Gallo 20
30 Joanna Petterson (USA) 20
31 Darian Harvey (USA) 20
32 Maria Michalogiannaki (Gre) Unior Tools Team 20
33 Katy Curd (GBr) 15
34 Gabriela Williams (Cze) 15
35 Sandra Reynier (Fra) Ck Racing Santacruz 15
36 Sarah Atkin (NZl) 15
37 Anne Laplante (Can) 10
38 Emily Horridge (GBr) 10
39 Emma Wareham (GBr) 10
40 Lauren Daney (USA) 5

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