New book: "The Elite Bicycle" tours workshops worldwide

Frame builders, tire makers, parts fabricators and more are profiled

"The Elite Bicycle: Portraits of Great Marques, Makers, and Designers" is a new book that brings readers inside not only the operations but the philosophies of core bike companies worldwide. The Elite Bicycle profiles companies from the size of FMB, a handmade tire operation behind the house of François Marie, to wheel manufacturers like Reynolds.

The book is a collaboration between author Graeme Fife and photographer Gerard Brown.

Large and small brands alike are featured in the new book

While there are a handful of larger companies such as Time, Mavic and Continental in the book, most of the brands featured are much smaller: companies the book paints as passionate artisans who prioritize quality work over quantity of sales.

Available at bike shops and bookstores in the US and the UK and online worldwide, The Elite Bicycle can be previewed at

The elite bicycle: portraits of great marques, makers, and designers - brooks saddles:
Besides framemakers, the book also profiles makers of saddles, tires, wheels and more

The Elite Bicycle offers profiles of:

  • Independent Fabrication
  • Time
  • Richard Sachs
  • Ben Serotta
  • Chris King
  • Alex Singer
  • Seven
  • Brooks
  • Selle Italia
  • Ira Ryan
  • Reynolds
  • Cinelli
  • Tony Pereira
  • Columbus
  • Guru
  • Winter
  • Chas Roberts
  • Rourke
  • Cyfac
  • Faggin
  • Pegoretti
  • Condor/Paris
  • DiNucci
  • Spécialités TA
  • Sapim
  • Royce
  • Mavic
  • FMB
  • Continental

The hardcover, 224-page book features 250 photographs and a foreword by Sir Paul Smith.

It is available now for $39/£35.

The elite bicycle: portraits of great marques, makers, and designers takes readers inside more than 20 core companies:

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