New Capo clothing for 2013 - Interbike 2012

High-end GS-13 jersey and bib shorts, plus Drago

Capo's kit range is divided into three collections, so that buyers can easily identify the type of fit and level of technology included. 

The top-end GS category features the most aggressive fits and cutting-edge fabrics. The mid-range Super Corsa is geared toward everyday race use, with advanced performance and snug fits but more reasonable price points. At the bottom of the scale, Corsa blends Euro-inspired styling and hard-working synthetic fabrics with slightly more casual cuts.

Highlighting the GS range for 2013 is the new GS-13 kit. The cycling-specific fit combines longer sleeves, for extra coverage, with a very short front torso to eliminate bunching when you're hunched over the drops. ColdBlack panels in the jersey are said to reflect most of the sun's rays, and combine with liberal amounts of open mesh to help keep you comfortable in hot weather.

Down below, the GS-13 shorts feature a compressive fit, for muscle support, plus laser-cut leg openings dressed up with silicone gripper tape bonded to the inside. Interestingly, Capo has built the bib straps with a surprisingly stiff and non-stretch upper harness that supposedly lends more support than conventional straps. 

As usual for Capo, the GS-13 bibs include a multi-density, multi-thickness stretch chamois from Cytech. In this case, it's specifically geared toward long days in the saddle, with higher-density padding than is typical.

The suggested retail price for the GS-13 jersey is US$200, while the matching shorts are US$250.

The Drago kit also sits in the GS Capo series for 2013

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