Garmin acquire power meter innovators MetriGear

Pedal-based Vector system may become reality after all

GPS powerhouse Garmin have announced the outright purchase of MetriGear, inventors of the highly promising pedal-based Vector power meter first seen at last year's Interbike show.

The release of the Vector has been repeatedly pushed off from the original target date due to various development delays. This latest move provides much more confidence that the clever power meter will actually see the light of day – and probably relatively soon. 

Even as of last year, the hardware in the MetriGear Vector – all housed inside a Speedplay pedal spindle – was impressively finished-looking and company representatives told us several times that they only had some software and firmware issues to iron out before the product was ready. 

The last company communiqué before the acquisition suggests that most, if not all, of that work is completed and given the ready ANT+ compatibility with Garmin's range of GPS-enabled cycling computers, a complete package probably isn't far off.

“From the start, our vision has been to deliver an easy-to-own cycling power meter with unique capabilities,” said MetriGear CEO Clark Foy in a press release. “Garmin’s world-class engineering, wireless manufacturing expertise and their ability to deliver an end-to-end solution from sensors to displays will be instrumental in realising this vision. We can’t imagine a more capable partner to bring Vector to market, and we're absolutely thrilled to join the Garmin team.”

We'll post more concrete information once it becomes available but in the meantime, this is very good news for consumers who have been eagerly awaiting the Vector's release – stay tuned.

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