Sensational custom paint for Specialized Red Hook racers

Unique art for each of four fixed-gear crits around the world

As if nighttime criteriums weren’t dangerous enough, Red Hook doubled down with a fixed-gear criterium a few years ago, and now the event has grown into a series with races in Brooklyn, London, Barcelona and Milan.

This year, four Specialized artists created custom bikes and matching apparel for each of the four events, and the gallery above provides a look at the bikes and the methods used to create the paint jobs.

For the first race, Specialized senior apparel designer McKenzie Sampson created the bike art. Jon Takao, Specialized senior footwear designer, took his turn for the London project. Specialized senior road industrial designer Brian Szykowny created the Barcelona project and Specialized senior industrial designer Erik Nohlin did Milan.

The final Red Hook Crit is this weekend in Milan.

Check out the big gallery above.

Specialized Brooklyn Red Hook Crit
Specialized Brooklyn Red Hook Crit

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