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Lightweight, protective, adaptable and easy to travel with

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Flying with a bike can be a hassle, but Evoc has used its years of globetrotting experience to ease the stress involved in packing up and protecting your ride.

The Bike Travel Bag is a compact, padded and wheeled solution for a road or mountain bike that you can pack down nearly flat when you get to your destination. Despite the soft shell, it's proven protective over many a plane flight for us, with removable internal ribs adding structure to the padded, reinforced sides.

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Packing your bike is fairly straightforward: First, take off the wheels and stow each in its respective, padded outer compartment. Then remove the handlebars and secure them to the included top tube Velcro pad. Next, secure the fork in the padded, compression-strap front area and strap down the chainstays to the included, adjustable frame pad. Finally, secure the fork and frame to the back of the bag with the Velcro straps, and then zip everything up. 

Even an extra long downhill mountain bike fits straight in. Saddle heights of up to 72cm can be accommodated complete, but larger bikes will need the seatpost removing.

Frame, wheels and handlebars are separated and protected from harm by the heavy-duty construction and cleverly placed padding and reinforcing ribs. The internal strapping system keeps everything in place and the bars can be firmly secured to the inside of the bag.

The softshell design fits a road or a mountain bike with plenty of room (and weight allowance) to throw in your shoes, helmet and other gear :

Pop off the wheels and the handlebar, strap everything down and you still have plenty of room (and weight allowance) for your shoes, helmet and more

The chainstays rest on a raised padded section, to protect your rear derailleur while in transit. The bottom bracket and front and rear dropouts are all protected from being crushed thanks to the thoughtful design, so you can do without the normal protective measures.

The wheel pockets are located to the rear of the bag – having them here puts more weight at the back of the bag, making it easier to manoeuvre – and are spacious enough to accommodate the chunkiest of downhill wheels and rubber. They also feature ‘ribs’ to protect your rotors. A transparent internal pocket shows pedals and axles.

Well-spaced wheels and properly placed handles mean carting the bag around is easy too. The wheels are made from skateboard standard resin and roll on sealed bearings to keep things smooth and quiet.

At about 9kg/20lb, it is relatively light. The bottom isn't entirely rigid, but it's stiff enough to easily tow the bike around with one hand.

The biggest draw about the Evoc is definitely the fit – there’s a place for everything. There’s no excess material so bikes fit snugly and securely. 

No need to take off your cranks or even your rear derailleur:

The adjustable frame pad means you don't need to remove your cranks – or even your rear derailleur

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