K-Edge Computer Mount for Garmin Edge£39.99

Sturdy aftermarket mount option

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K-Edge's latest aluminum bike accessory is the aptly named Computer Mount for Garmin Edge. It's an impressive piece of CNC-machined and anodized jewelry, not to mention a big improvement over the stock unit. Even so, it's tough to overlook the cost.

The mount moves your Garmin Edge 200, 500 or 800 computer head from atop the stem (or bars) to out in front of the cockpit, in a similar way to SRM's PowerControl 7. The new location puts the screen more in your line of sight, for quicker and easier viewing, and we'd argue that it provides a more finished appearance. If you really want to geek out, someone could potentially argue that the updated position is more aerodynamic, too.

The mount is also gloriously stout. Unlike the standard plastic mount's somewhat squirmy O-ring attachment method, the K-Edge model clamps rigidly around a 31.8mm diameter handlebar with two bolts, and the length-adjustable arm is solid and flex free. 

The machined edges were very sharp on our test sample. k-edge say the next batch will have radiused edges for smoother operation: the machined edges were very sharp on our test sample. k-edge say the next batch will have radiused edges for smoother operation

The machined edges were sharp on our test sample but we're assured that will change

Push on the screen as hard as you wish and there's simply no movement. In addition, the one-piece aluminum interface holds onto the computer much more securely than the stock mount, so there's little fear of it coming off, even in a crash.

That sturdiness does come at a cost, however. For one, the K-Edge mount is comparatively heavy, at 31g versus just 8g for the Garmin version. All of that US-sourced machining labor and quality aluminum costs a lot more, too, with the K-Edge fetching a substantial US$49.99 – five times more than the stock unit. 

For comparison, Above Category's Bar Fly doesn't fit as precisely or look as high end, but it's lighter and marginally cheaper at 19g and US$39.99.

Do we like the new K-Edge mount? Yes, absolutely. But whether its benefits justify the cost is something you'll have to decide on your own.

The mount is available in black, red or gunmetal grey.

James Huang

Technical Editor, US
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