Madison Mission sunglasses review£45.00

Simple sunnies for a sensible price

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Of all the kit we buy, eyewear has to be among the most susceptible to the whims of fashion. Remember those awful things the size of ski goggles back in the 1980s? Or what about the POC shades pros like Ryder Hesjedal have been pimping, which look like something Kanye West would wear on a night out?

    Madison’s Mission glasses are straightforward wraparounds with medium-sized lenses that provide decent levels of coverage, although there’s a fair sized gap below the lenses that on really bright days might be annoying.

    The frames are stout plastic with screwed hinges, with just the right amount of friction to feel good quality. There are vents at the temples that let a welcome bit of air in, and the arms have rubber pads at the ends. We’re not convinced the pads make much difference, but the frames supply enough grip even on fairly narrow heads, and despite the nose piece having no built-in adjustment, the glasses do a good job of staying put in use.

    Our test set came with the ‘Blue Mirror’ lenses, which are ideal for sunny days. They don’t have the check-your-teeth reflectiveness of some, but look sharp and can be swapped for other options (sold separately) if desired. Optical distortion is minimal, and a hydrophobic coating as found on more expensive glasses causes water to bead instantly – great for wet rides.

    The Missions are solidly made, fairly priced glasses that perform well. You can also get a three-lens set, with amber and clear options to cover all conditions.

    This article was originally published in Cycling Plus magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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