Wahoo Tickr X heart rate monitor review£79.00

HRM that works with Garmins and your phone on both ANT+ and Bluetooth

BikeRadar score4/5

The Tickr X heart rate monitor strap has more features than I know what to do with, but it has been my go-to strap for the past year for two simple reasons: it's comfortable and it works seamlessly with both Garmin head units and my iPhone.

Most heart rate straps currently are ANT+, meaning they will work with virtually all cycling computers like those from Garmin. In the past two years a few Bluetooth straps have sprung up for use with smartphones, tablets or newer laptops. What makes the three-model Tickr line special is the combination of ANT+ and Bluetooth. 

The top-end Tickr X seems to be aimed at triathletes, as features include things like treadmill mode and the ability to record internally (without a paired device) so you can swim with it on and download the data later.

There are also calculated measurements like cadence. I say calculated because the Tickr X measures body movement and calls that cadence.

For me, I appreciate the simpler features: LED lights show when the thing is measuring your heart (red light) and when it is connected to a device (blue light).

The soft strap snaps on to the back of the Tickr X, and is easy to hand wash.

I use a Garmin for most of my rides, but occasionally I’ll use my iPhone to record a ride on Strava. Either way, ANT+ and Bluetooth mean HR data is a given.

For my money, I’d recommend that cyclists go with the regular $59 (£38) Tickr, which has the Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ connections but not the run-specific features.

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