Bar Fly Saddle Hopper £16.99

Minimalist saddle bag for coffee lovers

BikeRadar score4/5

Love coffee and hate bulky saddle bags? Bar Fly has a tidy solution. The Saddle Hopper is a simple two-strap Velcro harness that turns any coffee bag into a little saddle holster for carrying your spare inner tube and a few small tools.

Here's how it works: You put your tube tool in the coffee bag, fold the bag, cinch one Saddle Hopper strap around the bag lengthwise, then run the other strap through the saddle rails and cinch that one down. Done.

Necessary ingredients not included with purchase: coffee bag, inner tube, CO2 cartridge and breaker

At BikeRadar, many of us hate bags with Velcro straps that go around the seatpost, because they snag your shorts. The Saddle Hopper avoids this.

In addition to the easy adjustment of the Velcro itself, each strap can be cinched down on a plastic loop to adjust to the size of the bag and its contents.

The Saddle Hopper is similar to the Backcountry Research Awesome Strap.

The one drawback of the Saddle Hopper is that a folded and cinched down coffee bag doesn't offer the same ease of access that a standard, zippered saddle bag does; you have to take the thing off the saddle rails to get into it. On the other hand, there are no zippers to fail, and when the bag starts to get tired, just pull a fresh one from your kitchen. (You do drink coffee, don't you?)

While we haven't lab-tested this theory, we're pretty sure that inner tubes that smell like coffee are faster than others.

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