Fuji Sportif 1.1 - in brief £820

Disc braked all-rounder

BikeRadar score 4/5

Disc brakes used to be the preserve of off-road bikes, but are now making more and more appearances on machines designed for tarmac rather than singletrack. It makes sense too.

  • Highs: Comfortable, versatile, decent kit
  • Lows: Slightly weightier than some

It’s not purely for the braking itself, though – particularly in the wet – the Fuji's Avid mechanical discs will outstrip calipers. More than that, though, is the increased lifespan of your wheels, without rim brakes grinding grit and road debris into your hoops on a daily basis. And if corrugated roads should knock your wheels out of true, your disc brakes will carry on working safely.

The Sportif 1.1's geometry is more upright than usual for a road bike. It’s not sit-up-and-beg stately, but is suited more to long-distance comfort than all-out speed.

While it's quite weighty, thanks to its 32-tooth sprocket you’ll get up steep hills comfortably. The 28mm rubber surrounding the Sportif's rims adds plushness too, and bounces well over kerbs and potholes.

The mainly 105 Shimano kit is accompanied by Praxis chainrings – not necessarily better, but certainly more exclusive. Fuji’s own Oval brand supplies most of the rest of the kit, on a bike that can take in training, fitness, leisure riding and even light touring.

This article was originally published in Cycling Plus magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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